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I’m a sole proprietor, self employed. needed a new accountant and my business taxes done. Solutions Are We was recommended to me. Met with Mrs. Joseph and her team. They were very professional strong quality service, and friendly . They turned around my return in the time frame they stated, and kept my taxes to a minimum. I recommend them whole heartedly. I was very pleased so I decided to use their monthly bookkeeping service also. I feel I am in the right hands now and I am able to focus on my business now

Solutions Are We, offered their service in a straightforward way, advised of their abilities, and delivered on schedule with a sense of professionalism. They were quite well informed about the latest regulations and provided us with much comfort as we prepared our regulatory submissions. Furthermore, they were receptive to our ideas and did not force us into a pre-set pattern. And, they are friendly.

I would be happy to recommend their services to broker dealers like ours.

The staff at Solutions Are We are down-to-earth, friendly and informative. They helped us see and take the decisions necessary in order to make our business grow. Any business model will benefit tremendously by adding a firm like Solutions to  your annual Budget.

The greatest benefit of being a client of Solutions Are We Inc. for the past three years has been in the reduction of stress.  One may not think of Chartered Accountants when looking to diminish stress and anxiety, however, knowing that the finances of my business, from corporate and personal tax planning to payroll, is being administered efficiently allows me to truly rest at ease.
The professionals at “Solutions” cut through the complexity and confusion of Antigua’s tax system, saving time and money for me and my business, allowing me to do what I do best.

“I just wanted to say how much your firm has meant to the success of our agency. Our association with you, which goes back over five years now, has enabled us to maintain a competitive edge when it comes to Taxes, accounting and customer service. I look forward to many more years of your continued services. As we grow and our needs change, I am confident that you will be there every step of the way and we will continue to reap the benefit of your experience and expertise.”

“We have used Solutions Are We Inc. Consulting for 4 years. When I started in business I did my own accounting for 18 months. During the 18 months I was bogged down doing accounting instead of producing. I turned all accounting functions over to Solutions and never looked back. I can trust my reports are correct and my carriers get paid on time.

Mrs. Joseph and her team, has made my life much easier as a business owner. You want someone in charge of  your accounting and taxation solutions, that knows the challenges of the business environs. After all accounting is how you keep score in the game of business. I am glad to have Solutions Are We Inc. keeping score for me.”

"I can tell you that the themes are great and the service is fantastic"

I have purchased the full package of these wonderful themes. I can tell you that the themes are great and the service is fantastic. The minor issues that I have had were addressed immediately, friendly and courteously by Sabbir.

I can tell by my experiences with them that they are totally dedicated to offering the best possible product and service and so far they measure up to that standard perfectly. I don’t work for them or have any connection to them. I just think that a team working this hard to provide us with such a great product and service deserves to be rewarded.


"These themes are a dream to work with and beautifully designed"

These themes are a dream to work with and beautifully designed. All credit to Sabbir and the team for a great job.

I had a support issue which was resolved quickly and that has given me confidence to buy from these guys again without hesitation when the need arises.

Just know you are dealing with very competent and professional people here, who deliver big time! and back it up with good support.

"I hope Sabbir continues to support and develop Themes because this looks like a winner"

Purchased the Year’s Access to all themes, have to say I am not disappointed, this offering has greatly exceeded my expectations. The back end support is very good. I’m really impressed with what Sabbir has created here! I’d say to anyone on the fence, this is a STEAL. Installations and customizations are easy wtih Sabbir’s videos, and refreshing how there are no nasty surprises.. the themes install and customize exactly as Sabbir describes. WP Framework seems robust, and can’t wait for future releases. Compared to some of the other amateurish WP themes being offered on WF, Sabbir’s are very attractive, super feature-rich, load fast, very stable and easy to set up and work with. I hope Sabbir continues to support and develop Themes because this looks like a winner.

I want to say that I recently had a very good support experience with the developer on a little theme issue which made me more satisfied that this deal is well worth it.

Thanks for your help.

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